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10/ 08/ 2017

Joseph Sanford Mold Remediation Specialist - Joe Murphy Mold Remediation Specialist - Julio Alfaro Mold Remediation Specialist - Christopher Fulco Mold Remediation Specialist - Brandon Kitchens Mold Remediation Specialist - Richard Noe Mold Remediation Specialist - Joshua Sanchez Water Restoration Specialist - Abdo Akil Disaster Recovery Specialist - Abdo Akil Water Restoration Specialist - Alexandru Duta Mold Remediation Specialist - Shane Cherry Mold Remediation Specialist - Christopher Fulco Mold Remediation Specialist - Joseph Diolosa Mold Remediation Specialist - Thomas Dimattina Mold Remediation Specialist - Jason Owens Mold Remediation Specialist - Jerry Bales Mold Remediation Specialist - Justin Schamberger Mold Remediation Specialist - Abdo Akil Fire Restoration Specialist - Abdo Akil Mold Remediation Specialist - Jason Repsher Mold Remediation Specialist - Nate Persson Mold Remediation Specialist - Andrew Hrezo Water Restoration Specialist - Aharon Mizrahi Water Restoration Specialist - Abdo Akil Disaster Estimation Specialist - William Myers Mold Remediation Specialist - Joseph Diolosa Water Restoration Specialist - Catherine Diolosa Water Restoration Specialist - Afolabi Abudu Mold Remediation Specialist - Donald Whitlock Mold Remediation Specialist - Maria Koechlin Water Restoration Specialist - Todd Longley Water Restoration Specialist - Corina McCarty Mold Remediation Specialist - Blake Allen Fire Restoration Specialist - Todd Longley Mold Remediation Specialist - Todd Norman Clouser Mold Remediation Specialist - Todd Norman Clouser Water Restoration Specialist - Robert Talkington Mold Remediation Specialist - Vinnie Nowarita Fire Restoration Specialist - Vinnie Nowarita Mold Remediation Specialist - Todd Norman Clouser Fire Restoration Specialist - Curtis Batho Mold Remediation Specialist - Peter Mack Fire Restoration Specialist - Ronnie Cox Fire Restoration Specialist - Ronnie Cox Water Restoration Specialist - Joseph Panzarella Mold Remediation Specialist - Albert Minnix Mold Remediation Specialist - Adam Oakes Mold Remediation Specialist - Jerry Derosier Mold Remediation Specialist - Robert Kis Fire Restoration Specialist - Peter Mack Water Restoration Specialist - Joan Turbutt Mold Remediation Specialist - Robert Kis Water Restoration Specialist - Joseph Panzarella Water Restoration Specialist - Marlon Bustamante Water Restoration Specialist - Marlon Bustamante Fire Restoration Specialist - Marlon Bustamante Mold Remediation Specialist - Joseph Panzarella Fire Restoration Specialist - Robert Talkington Fire Restoration Specialist - Andranik Asatryan Water Restoration Specialist - Charles Williams Mold Remediation Specialist - Jephath Troyer Mold Remediation Specialist - Avik Shahnazari Water Restoration Specialist - Henry Margossian Fire Restoration Specialist - Demitri Stavropoulos Mold Remediation Specialist - Stacey Kelly Mold Remediation Specialist - Chris Medany Fire Restoration Specialist - Ron Perry Mold Remediation Specialist - Courtney Latella Mold Remediation Specialist - Mathew Davis Mold Remediation Specialist - Eric Scarbrough Mold Remediation Specialist - David Lamoureux Mold Remediation Specialist - Carlos Jimenez Fire Restoration Specialist - Phillip Mcdaniel Fire Restoration Specialist - Kevin Enderle Mold Remediation Specialist - Brent Von Wald Mold Remediation Specialist - Keith Davis Water Restoration Specialist - Spencer Jones Mold Remediation Specialist - Keith Davis Mold Remediation Specialist - Jennifer Zielinski Water Restoration Specialist - Tony Dragich Fire Restoration Specialist - Juan Betancur Water Restoration Specialist - Thomas Piermattei Fire Restoration Specialist - Stephen Lockey Mold Remediation Specialist - Kevin Phillips Mold Remediation Specialist - Stephen Lockey Mold Remediation Specialist - Brent Wagstaff Mold Remediation Specialist - Ruben Moore Mold Remediation Specialist - Jason Woo Water Restoration Specialist

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Restoration And Remediation Certification Training Classes By IRI

Mold Remediation Certification By IRI
Mold Remediation Specialist Mold Remediation Training Class

Steps used out in the field are the key components in our mold certification training along with the EPA & OSHA guidelines used by certified Mold Remediation Specialists everyday.

Water Restoration Certification By IRI
Water Restoration Specialist Water Restoration Training Class

Water restoration training and certification shows the industry that you qualify to take on projects.

Fire Restoration Certification By IRI
Fire Restoration Specialist Fire Restoration Training Classes

The Fire Restoration Certification Class by IRI has all the tools that you need to have a successful Fire Damage Restoration!!

Disaster Estimation Specialist Restoration Management Training

Restoration Management is a key element in completing a project in a timely and cost effective manner. Use our course as a tool and implement the information with confidence.


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""Great materials, it was easy to follow and learn new principles." "

Jake EngleHorn MRS Mold Remediation Specialist


""Training was easy to follow..... It Was great, I will recommend this course" "

Paulette Bingham Water Restoration Specialist


"The modules are so easy to read and understand. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is just getting started in the restoration industry. "

Mike Rich, MRS (OHIO), Mold Remediation Specialist