Below is the state remediation licensing information for you to reference.| IRI ©.

There are links to the state government web pages that require licensing for mold remediation below. The application links for Mold Remediation licensing are also on this page. The states that require licensing for mold remediation require that you complete a mold remediation certification course before you can complete the licensing process. The IRI Mold Remediation Specialist is a registered  course in Louisiana that can be used for the mold remediation licensing process .  Most states do not require licensing.

Below is State Licensing applications and information to obtain a mold remediation license: States that have legislation regarding a mold license: New York, Florida, Texas, Maryland, Louisiana


Steps To Obtain A State Mold Remediation License In New York

Start Here For New York

New York has passed a mold license bill. You can read the New York Mold Remediation License Bill Here!.

IRI Does Not Offer The New York Mold Remediation License Prep Course For Contractors.

Steps To Obtain A State Mold Remediation License In Maryland

Start Here For Maryland

The State Of Maryland has passed the mold remediation license bill and is now planning to implement it as soon as the budget for the department has been established.

Steps To Obtain A State Mold Remediation License In Florida

IRI Does Not Offer The Florida Mold Remediation License Prep Course For Contractors.

The Florida State licensing has eligibility requirements and extra fees: To visit the mold remediation licensing Board of Florida. Click Here

Steps To Obtain A State Mold Remediation License In Louisiana

Start Here For Louisiana

The State of Louisiana has approved the (MRS) Mold Remediation Specialist Course for the Louisiana State mold licensing training program.

For the Louisiana mold remediation license website Click Here

Texas Mold Remediation Licensing Board

IRI Does Not Offer The Texas Mold Remediation License Prep Course For Contractors.

The state of Texas has its own state provider for certification program within the Texas dept. of health. You can read the state law here! or visit Texas State Here

How Do I Get Started Training For A Mold Remediation License?

To start your training for your mold remediation license you will need to purchase a enrollment key. All of our updated training course and package pricing is available at our Enrollment Center. Currently The Mold Remediation Specialist certification training course is on sale for $299.00 Select the Mold Remediation Specialist Course to begin today! Select your certification course package for mold and start today to begin expanding your education, business and your companies services.

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