There are other mold related laws in California

California Education Code §§ 17070.75, 17002(d)(1) CA Requires school districts to establish a facilities inspection system to ensure schools are maintained in good repair, as a condition of receiving state school facility funds. Defines "good repair" to include interior surfaces free from water damage and showing no evidence of mold or mildew and to include functional and unobstructed HVAC systems. Requires state to develop an evaluation instrument consistent with the criteria set in the law. The Facility Inspection Tool developed by the state for use in school inspections includes several IAQ-related items that address ventilation and mold/water damage. [See]

Database Excerpt: Mold Laws – 1 California Health & Safety Code § 39619.6 CA Requires the Air Resources Board and the Department of Public Health to conduct a comprehensive study and review of the environmental health conditions in portable classrooms. Directs the study to include a review of design and construction specifications; a review of school maintenance practices; an assessment of IAQ; and an assessment of potential toxic contamination, including mold contamination. Provides that the study shall address the need for modified design and construction standards; emission limits for building materials and classroom furnishings; and other mitigation actions to ensure the protection of children's health. [Report available at:]

California Health & Safety Code §§ 26101--26157 CA Requires the state health agency to consider the feasibility of adopting permissible exposure limits to mold in indoor environments and, if feasible, to adopt such limits. Establishes criteria to consider in adopting standards, and provides that the department may also adopt alternative standards for facilities that serve people at greater risk of adverse health effects. Provides that the law shall be implemented only to the extent that the department determines that funds are available for its implementation. Establishes disclosure and property maintenance requirements for transferors, lessors and tenants of real estate following the department's issuance of standards and guidelines under the law. Authorizes local enforcement of any standards adopted by the department.

California Health & Safety Code §§ 26200--26204 CA Requires the California Research Bureau, in consultation with the Department of Public Health and with the assistance of a review panel, to perform a study and to publish findings on fungal contamination affecting indoor environments. Requires the study to include information on health effects, assessment, remediation, and hazard communication, among other issues. Requires the California Research Bureau to submit its findings to the legislature and the Director of Public Health. [Report available at:]

Database Excerpt: Mold Laws – 2 California Labor Code § 142.3 CA Authorizes the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to adopt occupational safety and health standards that are at least as effective as federal standards. Regulations promulgated under the law (8 Cal. Code Regs. 5142, 5143) apply to both private and public workplaces, such as schools. The regulations require HVAC systems to be operated continuously and inspected annually, and HVAC inspection and maintenance records to be made in writing and provided to the state and to employees upon request. Additional regulations governing general sanitation (8 Cal. Code Regs. 3362) provide that when exterior water intrusion, leakage from interior water sources, or other uncontrolled accumulation of water occurs, those conditions must be corrected because of their potential to cause the growth of mold.

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