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By International Restoration Institute

The Disaster Estimation Specialist Certification And Training Includes:

Estimation Theory

Construction Management

Types of Restoration Estimate's

Types of contracts needed for specific restoration projects

Implementing Restoration contracts

Line item Estimating

Time and material formulas

Learn how to package and prepare documentation for your estimate

Project Management

Project Risk

Delay and Cost Over Run

Project Planning

Construction Permits

Sub-contractor Management

Personal Property Procedures

Workplace Safety

Site Safety

Restoration Collection Practices

Construction Topics

Construction liens

and many more topics

Extras included with the course price:

Restoration contracts and documents needed to help process claims

OSHA Safety training

Information on marketing

De-construction video training

Information on how to get the insurance pricing software.

Currently we are offering this class online only.

Student Requirements For This Course

1 year of experience in construction, restoration, property adjusting or related field.

Timeline: This course is generally completed in 30-40 hours

Time Limit: There is no Time limit to complete this course

Availability: 24/7, You study at your own pace

Course structure: Reading and Quizzing

When Can I Start?: As soon as payment is made.

Mobile Friendly?: Yes, this course is mobile friendly.

The Disaster Estimation Specialist Course Cost: $299.00 Includes Exam Fee

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