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Water Restoration Specialist Certification and Training is available here at IRI. The IRI Water Restoration Certification class is designed to inform you on all of the up to date real world approaches to Drying Methods.

In the IRI water restoration class you will feel confident that you have all the tools you need to succeed in Water Restoration. Water Restoration Licensing is not required for water restoration certification but can be a requirement to perform restoration projects for banking, property management, government and insurance industries.

Water restoration training and certification shows the industry that you qualify to take on projects. This water restoration training course includes 8 Modules and has quizzes included for each training module.

Quiz as often as you like to prepare for the water restoration course final exam. There is no time limit to complete this water restoration certification class!

IRI Water Restoration Certification Training Class Includes:

  • Water Removal Techniques for water restoration
  • Antimicrobials and Biocides for water restoration
  • Thermal imaging applications for water restoration
  • Moisture detection equipment used during a water restoration project
  • Water restoration drying strategies
  • Relative Humidity as a science
  • Working with humidity during a water restoration job
  • Psychometrics
  • Job site energy consumption & Management
  • Drying concepts for wood and other building material
  • Contents (personal property) Drying procedures for water restoration applications
  • Pressurizations in drying
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Managing and Using portable heat during a water restoration project
  • Managing and Using portable power during a water restoration project
  • Hygroscopic Materials
  • Relative humidity
  • Environmental Response Techniques
  • Drying Equipment Quantity and Setup
  • The dehumidifier
  • Desiccant technology
  • Indoor Air Quality implementation
  • Cooling units
  • Air Change Rate
  • Drying as a science
  • Safety hazards applied towards water restoration projects
  • Identifying tools and equipment for water restoration
  • No eligibility requirements for this restoration certification class

IRI Online Added Convenience:

  • Access to our online campus business resources area
  • Access to our online campus industry water restoration video reference
  • Simsol Water restoration and reconstruction pricing software trial and training.
  • Free Campus Technical Support.
  • This water restoration class is approximately 40 hours.
  • There are no time limits and you can go at your own pace.
  • No class enrollment expiration.
  • No extra charges for final exam re-takes.
  • Start and stop studying at anytime and pick up where you left off.
  • Print out water restoration class material.
  • The IRI Water Restoration Class works with pads and smart phones with flash.
  • A IRI Student Advisor that is an expert in the industry is available to answer your questions about class work, pricing, equipment or project scenarios at no additional cost. (During Regular Business Hours)
  • Your own specialist web page at the IRI Google search for a specialist to show customers your qualified!?
  • We also have included links to fill out contractor vendor applications for major insurance companies to help your company to grow once you have received your certification.
  • This course includes Technician, Structural and Commercial Drying Principles. Purchase of this water restoration certification training course includes test, registration, enrollment key.

This Course Includes A Free Restoration Documents And Contract Package = $100.00 Value!

Forms in this package include: *Authorization To Repair Contracts, *Direction To Pay Form, *Certificate Of Satisfaction Form, *Release Of Liability Form, *Disposal Of Personal Property Form, *Time Sheets, *Structural Drying log, *Equipment log, *Disaster Recovery Check List

More Free Restoration Documents Included!!

*The OSHA Task Safety Form *The Personal Property Inventory Form

How do I get started training for water restoration certification?

To start your training you will need to purchase a enrollment key. Currently The Water Restoration Specialist certification training course is: $399.00 On Sale Today $299.00 Save $100.00 You Can Select x 1 $299.00, x 2 $499.00, x 3 $650.00, x 4 $750.00 for a Quantity Discount

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Management and Pricing Resource For Students:

Do you need to price a Flood job or need more estimating training? No Problem!

Simsol is offering pricing and estimating software for water and flood restoration industry with a 30 day trial. All IRI students have an opportunity to work and learn with the same water and flood restoration pricing software that thousands of insurance adjusters, contractors and property management companies have been using for over 27 years. "Have your first estimates done with a SIMSOL trainer at no additional cost."

The Simsol pricing software is not a part of course work but can help you to expand your water and flood restoration education. - IRI

Free water restoration pricing training videos are available on our online campus. Classroom training and webinars schedules are available on our online campus. "The Simsol Cost Database is the only one of its kind in the property, remediation, restoration and insurance industry. Core residential, light commercial and heavy commercial cost databases". - Simsol Some of what comes included: Simsol’s Virtual Scope Sheet, Reports and Forms, professional printed estimates and reports, CAD Drawing Tool with “Quick Sketch”, Extensive library of industry forms and reports and free online video training.

Water Restoration Specialist Class

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""Great materials, it was easy to follow and learn new principles." "

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""Training was easy to follow..... It Was great, I will recommend this course" "

Paulette Bingham Water Restoration Specialist


"The modules are so easy to read and understand. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is just getting started in the restoration industry. "

Mike Rich, MRS (OHIO), Mold Remediation Specialist

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